Concept behind birds Calm With Fire video

Birds provide the ideal central characters for depicting evolutionary changes in the environment and perhaps the wider universe. Birds have existed on Earth in many shapes and sizes for millions of years and for me represent both freedom and struggle.

Watch “Calm With Fire” on Vimeo

Birds are by no means unaffected by our stripping of this planets resources. Their habitats are shrinking rapidly through human development and blood sports. But they are tough and resourceful and can struggle on in the most hostile environments.

Watch “Calm With Fire” on Vimeo

There could be two alternative future scenarios for birds. A world with or without us, the humans. They might just pull through and evolve long after us. Or we can change our ways and learn to live alongside them and respect their standing in evolution.

My short video is a creative work, an exaggeration and should not be analysed too deeply. However it is my own personal sketch of how I think about the way our world is currently heading. Birds here are representing all living organisms, including us.

It was fun to make the film which also gave me the opportunity to experiment with video editing techniques and also script writing. The words were inspired by an ancient poem entitled “On The Nature Of Things” by Lucretius (“De rerum natura”).

The soundtrack “Calm With Fire” existed before the video and has been released as a single in 2019. If you would like to support my work then you can purchase all my music from the GPK Recordings Bandcamp store.