Brainstorms by Kloba Kent

    • Released: 14/12/2018
  • Digital E.P. – GPKR009
Track listing
  1. That Road – 3:47
  2. Fools Make Walls – 3:35
  3. Naked in the Storm – 3:17
  4. Brainstorm – 3:42
  5. That Road Two – 3:45
  6. Better Soon – 3:40

Featuring tracks from Kloba Kent’s previously released singles Naked in the Storm and That Road. This release also includes a new song entitled Better Soon plus a brand new remix of Brainstorm, with re-recorded electric and bass guitars.

Fools Make Walls made No. 28 in the 2017 Dandelion Radio Festive 50 – an end of year chart originally conceived by the late John Peel.

Vocals, Percussion: Diane Marie Kloba
Guitars, Keys & Electronics: Paul Kent
Bass Guitar / ‘Fools Make Walls’ / ‘That Road Two’: Theodore Kloba

Words by Diane Marie Kloba, Music by Paul Kent © 2017-2018.
Recorded in the UK and USA, released and distributed by GPK Recordings.