Junction by Guitar PK

  • Released: 18/08/2017
  • Digital E.P. – GPKR006
Track listing
  1. Living Breathing – 3:01
  2. Echoes from an Abyss – 5:56
  3. Slowdriver – 2:53
  4. Eighty Five – 4:45

A collection of instrumental themes and vignettes, with meanings lurking deep in the subconscious of Guitar PK. Thanks to Diane Marie Kloba helps out with percussion on Slow Driver.

The Bandcamp release includes a bonus track entitled Spiral Eye, especially written for a Winter Solstice compilation album.

Living Breathing and Echoes from an Abyss have been remixed for my 2018 retrospective album Time Dilation.

Paul Kent: All Guitars + Synths + Electronic Drum Kit.
Diane Marie Kloba (‘Slowdriver’): Percussion (Congas, Cymbal, Tom Tom, Shakers).

All music written and performed by Paul Kent © 2016-2018.
Recorded in the UK, produced and distributed by GPK Recordings.