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I am Paul Kent, a guitarist and composer from East Sussex in the UK. My primary instrument is of course the guitar but I do enjoy production and arrangements.

I also collaborate with established Chicago based singer/songwriter Diane Marie Kloba who is prominent on the independent music scene via internet radio station Dandelion Radio. As Kloba Kent, me and Diane have co-written and released our debut E.P. Naked in the Storm.

I had previously written songs and played lead guitar with indie rock group Freakscene throughout the 1990s. The band played live shows around London and the South East of England and also recorded an E.P. in 1998.

Paul on lead guitar with Freakscene performing in the 1990s.
Paul on lead guitar with Freakscene performing in the 1990s.

From 2000 I worked in the advertising industry as a graphic designer and web developer. During the last 10 years I built up an extensive recording archive of demos and experiments with different technology and trying to develop songs.

In 2016 I eventually released my first E.P. Technophobe on Bandcamp and have since continued to record and write with a renewed vigour and excitement for making music.

Then in the same year I released my debut instrumental album Stars (using the alias Exploding Galaxy) which draws on electronic pop influences, including New Order and Air.

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